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Behold Japan's Resident Evil 5 LE, with console-specific extras


Capcom Japan's online store has put up a pre-sale page for the limited edition of Biohazard 5, a.k.a. Resident Evil 5 to us gaijin. It's a handsome LE treatment for the game, and is interesting in that PS3 and 360 will each receive their own variation with unique bonuses.

Set to go on sale March 3, 2009 at ¥12,800 ($137), both LE sets include a 2GB Tricell USB drive, 32-page art book, and BSAA "Waist Pocket" like the characters in the game wear. On the PS3 side, the game's Blu-ray Disc will include a making-of documentary; the 360 edition will actually come in two flavors: a Deluxe Edition, which includes a Biohazard 5 Selection Track soundtrack CD, and the Limited Edition which ... doesn't. The 360 "DE" will apparently be even more limited than the LE.

Capcom hasn't revealed plans for a US limited edition for either version of RE5, but, given the increase in volume of premium bundles in the last two years alone, we'd be surprised if its marketing folk don't come up with something special for Western gamers.

[Via CVG]

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