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So you want to be in Community Relations?

Shawn Schuster

If you are hardcore into your favorite MMO, chances are you know the Community Relations Manager for that specific game. Heck, even if you don't play some of the top games, you may know their Community Managers. Sometimes the CRMs can achieve rockstar status among players, such as ArenaNet's Gaile Gray, whose weekly in-game appearances packed server districts with screaming fanboys.

To get into Community Relations is a different story though, and Sony Online Entertainment's Senior Community Relations Manager, EM Stock, gives us a bit of an insight into the process. Despite the fact that many people may see a CR position as an easy gateway into the gaming industry, EM Stock wants us to know that it's much more than that. Being on a community team is "a bona fide career path that requires some very specific talents and skill sets. Not everyone is suited." So if you're looking to break into the MMO Community Relations field, check out this article, it might just be the boost you need to get started.

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