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Sorry kids, no Fancast this week


You've no doubt absorbed the gist of this story from the headline above, but suffice it to say that there will not be a new episode of the Xbox 360 Fancast this week. The reason for this -- flimsy though we're sure many will claim it to be -- is that we were busy enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday during our normal recording time. On top of this, Alexander is in a whole other country. As far as we know, this country he is visiting, this "Germany," has no internets of its own. Meanwhile, Xav (who celebrated Canada's Bizarro-Thanksgiving last month) has been crushed under a pile of textbooks, the victim of an unfortunate studying accident. Don't worry though, we'll pull it together for next week.

Who knows, maybe we'll even pull together a Left 4 Dead X3F Live event as an apology to everyone.

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