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Funcom reaffirms commitment to AoC on PC and Xbox 360 following layoffs

William Dobson

After the rumors of staffing cuts at Funcom turned out to be true last week, many of you may have been predicting bad things for the future of Age of Conan -- or at least, enough of you to have Erling Ellingsen provide MTV's Multiplayer blog with a short statement regarding the health of their flagship title:

Our aim is for this to not affect development of 'Age of Conan,' or any of our other games, at all. We are sticking firmly to our plans. The Xbox 360 version of the game is still in production, but as before we are not committing to any specific dates. I wish I could give you more information, but I can't at the time being.

This backs up what Funcom had to say last week, that this is simply "business as usual" and not anything to be concerned about. It is good to hear about the Xbox 360 version once in a while, even if essentially nothing was revealed other than "it's still coming". We're pretty sure, however, that most of our readers that are interested in AoC haven't been held back due to waiting on the console release, because let's face it -- if you're an MMO-fan, you've got a PC. The 360 release stands to reach a new audience, one which will cause Conan's roleplaying-racism to join together with real-life racism through the magic of Xbox Live, and might just make the internets spontaneously combust.

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