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Gears 2's reign short lived, Halo 3 tops Xbox Live list

Dustin Burg

Well, that didn't take long. After a short stint, Gears of War 2 is no longer the king of Xbox Live (there goes our three month guess'timate), being taken over by none other than teh Haloz.

According to the oh so informative Major Nelson, Halo 3 topped Gears of War 2 as the most played Xbox Live game last week which was also a Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Gears 2 did hold the number two position with CoD:WaW, CoD4 and GTAIV rounding out the top five. We find it surprising that Gears 2 lost its Live multiplayer dominance so quickly post-release even with the release of last week's matchmaking fixing patch. Somewhere there's a Cliff Bleszinski hunched in a dark corner shedding a tear and cursing at a Master Chief action figure. Guaranteed.

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