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Know Your LotRO Lore: The Rings of Power

Shawn Schuster

Welcome to Know Your LotRO Lore, a new weekly column here at Massively showcasing the lore of J.R.R. Tolkien's world as it intersects with Turbine's Lord of the Rings Online.

You may realize that the essential plot for the Lord of the Rings books has something to do with a ring, or at least we'd hope you do. Perhaps you know that there is this one ring that keeps making Hobbits invisible, and a bunch of Orcs want it really, really badly. But other than that, you're lost to the origins and impact that this ring has in relation to the grand scheme of things.

Why does this big fiery eye in a tower keep twitching itself around whenever someone puts that thing on their finger? Why did Sean Bean want to kill that kid from Radio Flyer? And why isn't his name pronounced Seen Been? Or even Shawn Bawn? If these are questions you ask yourself while leveling your Legendary Halberd and skipping quest dialogue, we're here to help once again with this week's installment of Know Your LotRO Lore!

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