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Wrath Dailies: Planning for the Future


In the daily quest "Planning for the Future" you need to help maintain the balance of life with the Wolvar near Moa'ki Harbor. The Kalu'ak are afraid they're going to kill too many Wolvar, so you're going to ensure they live on and steal some young Snowfall Glade Pups.

The quest itself isn't too complicated, but it can be a royal pain if more than one other person is doing it at the same time you are.

Quest Giver: Trapper Mau'i, Moa'ki Harbor, Southern Dragonblight
Reputation: Kalu'ak
Reward: 500 rep & 4.86g at level 80
Minimum Level: 71
Required Chain: None!

Read on after the break for our walkthrough of the quest, complete with a few tricks you can do to get it done quickly and easily.

Start out by talking to Trapper Mau'i to get the quest. He's located at 48, 74 in southern Dragonblight at the Moa'ki Harbor. He tasks you with going around and picking up 12 of the Snowfall Glade Pups. These guys are located to the north. There are a series of three huts around 45, 61 that have a bunch walking around.

Once you go up there you'll want to get next to a pup and move your mouse over the little guy. Right click it to pick it up and put it in your bag. Do not attack it. Do not do any AoE or anything else. If you do, these guys will go away.

There are numerous Wolvar around that don't take kindly to you stealing their young. They are all around level 71 or so, and if you're level 80 chances are you can successfully ignore them. They will attack you, but this doesn't stop you from being able to pickup the pups.

On my 80 Warrior, I just go around and grab them, getting bashed on by whatever mobs I pickup along the way. I lose about 5,000 health by the time I'm done, but with around 26,000 unbuffed it really doesn't matter too much. Other classes may have some issues. But even if you need to kill a couple surrounding mobs they go down pretty fast.

Do a loop around the three villages to pickup the animals and head back to Trapper Mau'i to turn in the quest.

One thing to note is that these guys don't have a very fast respawn timer. So if you're there and others are around expect to wait a while. This area, even on PvE servers, can be laden with PvP seekers and griefers. So mind your AoE and your targets.

New dailies are abound and you'll want to get in on the ground floor to raise those critical reputations up! Check out WoW Insider's continuing series of Wrath of the Lich King daily quests.

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