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BCS Championship game live 3D broadcast coming to CES, movie theaters


Just in case you thought 3D was only for Thursday night NFL games and NBA playoff matchups, Fox Sports is broadcasting the first college football game in the format January 8. CEO David Hill dropped the info during the 3D Entertainment Summit, acknowledging plans to bring the 3D feed to CES (finally, we won't have to miss the big game this year -- like we'd ever watch an SD feed stretched on cheap hotel plasmas) and select movie theaters, but balked at pushing technology forward. Citing costs absorbed by broadcasters in switching to high definition, he's looking towards consumer electronics manufacturers to turn over HDTV profits and start another round of upgrades for early adopters. While they argue over who picks up the check we don't expect more than a few demos here or there, but with Panasonic, LG and others already taking the baton it's just a matter of time, maybe when ESPN takes over things full time in 2011?

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