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City of Heroes Issue 13 goes live!

Michael Zenke

Months in the making, delayed when the Mission Architect was pushed to next year, finally finally, City of Heroes Issue 13 is live! Yesterday saw the servers go down for one of the largest content pushes ever by the NCsoft development team. The patch notes are up on the official site, and they're simply monsterous. We've been through this list before, but it's worth going over again: new story arcs for the Midnight Squad, new story arcs for Cimerora, the all-new Merits reward system (which was featured in an exclusive interview here on the site), Day Jobs, new powersets, multiple builds, a huge PvP revamp ... it's exhausting just to mention, let alone consider playing.

For a 'thousand foot view' of Issue 13 and its philosophy, be sure to check out our extensive interview with Brian Clayton and Matt Miller all about the "Power and Responsibility" super-patch to this venerable superhero MMO. During that chat we also talked about the future of purchaseable content packs in the game, something we think we're likely to see new talk of soon. Be sure to check out the links above, read up on the full official patch notes, and dig in to our coverage of City of Heroes Issue 13. Excelsior!

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