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First Impressions returns!

At last check we had identified and indexed well over 250 MMOs of just about every shape, size and color available for gamers from 8 to 80 - and up! Unfortunately, there just aren't enough hours in the day to cover every single game out there as in-depth as we'd like. That said, we are pretty insanely dedicated to MMOs and love to play them... So what's a blog to do?

After kicking the idea around, we've decided to bring back First Impressions for those readers who want to know about more games than just the mainstream. For now, we'll give you a brief look back at some of the staff's favorite past Impressions, as a taste of the fun to come. Be sure to come back next Wednesday and join me as we start a new journey through strange and fantastic worlds of First Impressions!

First Impressions: Dungeon Runners
Dungeon Runners is a game by NCsoft that trades off of the popularity of Blizzard titles WoW and Diablo II, but does it with a sense of humor. More properly, we should really say it does it with a healthy dose of snark and silliness. That's okay, we like it that way.
First Impressions: Jumpgate Evolution
Sometimes we get a ridiculously early look at a game in development. Wondering what Jumpgate Evolution was like in earlier beta days, or perhaps still waiting on your invite? Take a peek behind the scenes with Jennie.

First Impressions: Perfect World
Ever wanted to be a big martial-arts butt-kicking werewolf? We didn't either until we got a look at Akela playing Perfect World. Be sure to keep your eyes open for the endless plains of steak fries!
First Impressions: Sword of the New World
You've got to love that "new world smell". Sword of the New World or Granado Espada was created by imcGames and the creator of Ragnarok Online, Hakkyu Kim. How did it stand up after a play-through? Only our readers know for sure.
First Impressions: Flyff
Flyff is a play-for-free 3D MMO with that anime style that today's youth hungers for. It also happens to be free-to-play, which we absolutely love. There's some good, some bad, and some "what?" moments to be had - read on for more.
First Impressions: Requiem: Bloodymare
We're not really sure how much visceral horror you can cram into an MMO, but we appreciate this game for an interesting take on it. The art alone is worth a look, if not the spectacular and occasionally snarky writeup.

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