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HL Source mod generates $3m; Valve reveals retail sales numbers

Ross Miller

Half-Life application Garry's Mod celebrated its two-year anniversary of being on Steam last week. On his blog, creator Garry Newman celebrated by divulging the sales figures of the software so far on Steam: 312,541 copies. At about $10 per copy, that amounts to over $3 million. Not too shabby for the 26-year old English developer -- even if Valve takes a piece of the pie. Maybe now he can make a suit of money.

Speaking of Valve, who as a general rule is very secretive with its sales figures (especially regarding Steam), the company has released its worldwide lifetime-to-date retail sales (via Gamasutra). Pre-Steam release Half-Life is on top at 9.3 million, followed by Half-Life 2 at 6.5m and Counter-Strike at 4.2m. These figures don't include Steam sales, which CEO Gabe Newell has said he expects to typically surpass retail sales. Full list after the break.

  • Half-Life: 9.3 million units
  • Half-Life 2: 6.5 million units
  • Counter-Strike: 4.2 million units
  • The Orange Box: 3 million units
  • Counter-Strike Condition Zero: 2.9 million units
  • Counter-Strike Source: 2.1 million units
  • Half-Life 2 Episode 1: 1.4 million units
  • Half-Life Opposing Force: 1.1 million units
  • Half-Life Blue Shift: 800,000 units
[Via Big Download]

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