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Joystiq asks Positron about keeping City of Heroes competitive

Alexis Kassan

Yesterday brought us the launch of City of Heroes Issue 13: Power and Responsibility. This is arguably the third major launch in the last month. So the question on Jason Dobson's mind is how is CoH keeping pace with the the largest games on the market? And Positron (a.k.a. Matt Miller, Senior Designer at NCSoft) answers. He sounds proud of the separatist nature CoH seems to enjoy in comparison to what he dubs the monotonous "sword and sorcery" games. Even now, four years in, they have one of the most complex and thoroughly enjoyable character creators around, a loyal player base, and plans for future releases. There's even a Mac version of the game in beta right now, with future boxed releases in the works for 2009.

Coming soon-ish will be the magic Super-Booster pack and Issue 14: Architect. You may recall that Architect was originally going to be Issue 13, but it was pushed back in September to allow more time for development. Last we heard Issue 14 will be released in Q1 2009 and it seems Issue 15 will be released shortly thereafter, in time for the fifth anniversary of the game (April 2009). Or was that a reference to the Fifth Column we spotted...?

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