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Lionhead 'testing and finalizing' Fable 2 patch


That patch for Fable 2? Lionhead's still on it. In a community forum post, the dev says that the title update designed to exorcise a few naughty bugs from the game is "currently being tested and finalized," although there's still no specific roll-out date.

The patch will address a number of issues, but the ones that most players – and there are a lot of Fable 2 players – have been affected by (namely the Monk's Quest and Bowerstone furniture shop glitches) will thankfully be thoroughly nixed. Lionhead says of the Monk's Quest bug: "This will fix the problem if you've already hit it, too." So, for those who haven't already restarted the game to continue past this point in the main quest, you won't have to. Those visiting the furniture store late in the game will also find that there's more to buy there than ... a single book.

One of the game's more disturbing "issues" – the ability for your character's children to be marked as targets for assassination – is being dealt with, since assassinating children ... it's not so cool. Nine fixes are detailed in the post, although Lionhead says there are many more less common issues addressed by the patch.

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