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Nokia 2605 Mirage launches Friday on Verizon

Chris Ziegler

We're coming right up on a year since we first heard of the 2605's existence, and with a VGA camera just about the most interesting feature we can find on the spec sheet, we're having a hard time saying with a straight face that it was worth the wait. Be that as it may, the unassuming flip is still on a very, very short list of CDMA Nokias sold in the US, which in itself makes it sorta interesting -- and your hard-earned $49.99 on contract after $50 rebate is going to nab you Bluetooth, a color external display, VZ Navigator support, and Xpress-on changeable covers (when's the last time you owned an Xpress-on Nokia, eh?). It'll be available for order from Verizon's site, telesales, and stores starting Friday, with all sales channels opening the floodgates come January 23 of next year.

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