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RIM lowers third quarter outlook, touts Storm sales


RIM no doubt got a boost of confidence from AvianResearch's sales numbers a few days ago, but it looks to be in a bit of a gloomier mood today, as it has been forced to slightly lower its third quarter profit and revenue outlook. Apparently, instead of the previously forecast revenue of $2.95 to $3.10 billion, RIM now says it's expecting to rake in just $2.75 to $2.78 billion, with its adjusted earnings now expected to be 0.81 to $0.83 per share, and not $0.89 to $0.97 per share, as previously forecast. According to RIM's Jim Balsillie, the company is laying most of the blame on "product launch timing, general economic conditions and foreign exchange volatility," but it has nothing but good things to say about the Storm, which it says has "experienced particularly strong momentum in recent weeks." It further added that the Storm's first day of sales drew a record number of new net subscribers for the company, and that it also managed to pull in a record number of weekly net subscribers additions in the last week of the third quarter. Those interested in such things can look for the final numbers to be released on December 18th.


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