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Vanguard gets new features & expands race/class combos on test

Alexis Kassan

The Vanguard test server is hopping with the release of additional classes for most races and a host of other new features including galleons, fishing and a games arena. The lore behind the updated classes is that some races have been trained by others in practices needed for war while others have taken it upon themselves to learn and adapt. The specific new options are:

  • Goblin - Dreadknight & Ranger
  • Orc - Rogue
  • Raki - Bard
  • Dark Elf - Ranger
  • Kurashasa - Bloodmage
  • Mordebi - Necromancer
  • Dwarf - Ranger
  • Halfling - Paladin
  • Vulmane - Monk
Teach a player to fish in one MMO and they can figure it out in the others... but not here. Fishing in Vanguard has been set up as more interactive than in many other games. Instead of just clicking to cast and then waiting for the splash, you actually have to time and aim your cast so that there are fish present and you don't scare them off. Then, once you have a bite, you must fight to get the fish out of the water.

There is also a new Enchantment ability available at level 50, galleon schematics to be had, a games arena, and new events. So if you're so inclined or are just looking for more to do at level 50, head over to the test server to get a sneak peak.

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