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WoW Moviewatch: Candy Comes Out


Pinkhair submits Candy Comes Out as part of's Candy Corn and Crackheads Contest. It's a pretty short video, with a lot of nice subtle touches. lists it as a comedy, but I thought it was more of a horror theme. It sure as heck is one of the creepiest bits I've seen for a little while.

The story is quick. It opens with a gnomish couple watching a horror flick in a movie theatre. After the movie is over, the couple has a little chat that reveals the dangerous premise of the machinima's action -- if you open someone's head, candy comes out! I want to make sure to point out that, when the gnomes are chatting it up after the theatre, the gnome man is wearing an outfit incredibly reminscent to Michael Jackson's trademark red leather jacket. It really helps underline the homage of the opening sequence.

Ultimately, I really enjoyed the piece. Its ambiance and theme is strong, and the video is incredibly well made. Good luck to Pinkhair! Click here to see it yourself!


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