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Harrison confident young'ns 'will never buy a physical media product'

In his position at Atari, Phil Harrison – former Sony figurehead and outspoken Blu-ray backer – is using his intimidating height to see clear past the competition and straight into the future. What does Phil see? First: We can only imagine he sees an Atari more deserving that "best opportunity" in the industry praise from earlier this year. Second: Phil sees "a generation of kids being born today and probably already alive" that "will never buy a DVD, they will never buy a CD, and they will never buy a game in a box."

We know Atari's gambit is in online gaming, and we're sure Phil's dead-on in his assessment (we're surprised it's taken this long!) but now we'd just like to see how Atari is going to contribute to this new, disc-less media landscape. It's done with "huge-budget, single-player games," remember?

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