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Making Warhammer smoother 1.1 patch at a time

Alexis Kassan

The folks over at Mythic have been epically busy on patches and fixes for Warhammer Online of late. On Tuesday, we reported on patch 1.0.6, which brought tons of changes for classes and combat. Now it seems the RvR performance issues are getting some of their previously-promised love in the form of a client update to help boost frame rate and reduce flickering effects... And patch 1.1 is live on the test server with the intention of releasing today.

With a whopping 14 pages of patch notes and development preceding that of 1.0.6, patch 1.1 promises to bring updates to nearly all aspects of the game. There will be new careers available, UI changes, the ability to hyperlink in chat, and most excitingly the new open RvR influence system. You can even get a statue of your character put up in the capital. Strike a pose!

On the flip side, since 1.1 was begun prior to the release of 1.0.6, the developers are quick to point out that it is not meant to address any issues arising from the most recent patch. Several hot fixes already went in yesterday to regular and public quests to make them function as designed since 1.0.6. There are new healers in the Dark Elf and High Elf Chapter One areas and one in the Black Crag Order war camp as well. And you should not be getting incorrect zone messages anymore either. Just don't expect 1.1 to fix all the Warhammer world's ills.

Since War specifies that you should post on your favorite fan sites about how the new client is doing, let us know what your experience has been.

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