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Meizu M8 doesn't have China's stamp of approval yet, so it's loophole time

Chris Ziegler

Think fast: China hasn't granted you permission to sell your long (long) overdue homegrown iPhone fighter, but you've already started production and you want to start raking in the yuan tout suite. How do you make that happen? Easy! Just slap a "Demo unit (not for sale)" label on each and every one of the M8s that rolls off the assembly line and you're back in business. If you read between the lines of Jack Wong's latest correspondence with his fans on Meizu Me, we suspect that the phones being produced as of tomorrow will indeed be sold -- you'll just need a little nudge-nudge, wink-wink to get one from the shop. Nothing wrong with an underhanded dealing here and there in the name of technology, right?

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