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Russian HTC MAX 4G reviewed by non-Russian reviewer

Tim Stevens

Been pining for more information on HTC's chunky GSM / WiMAX handset, the HTC MAX 4G? Read on, comrade, because you've come to the right place: "friendly Malaysian guy" and blogger nextimelah has imported one and given a full review of the phone -- well, as full as you can get when you can't read Cyrillic. You see, the phone is still only available at Russian provider Yota and, while you might think a phone like this would offer an English mode, the language is apparently integrated into the device's ROM. So beware, potential importers. Short of the massive language barrier the phone gets high marks, described as being effectively a Diamond with a bigger, better screen -- which may or may not work for you depending on the size of your pockets. The ability to call fellow Yota subscribers via VoIP directly from the phone is intriguing, but sadly it only works when you're on Yota's WiMAX network -- not anybody else's -- again making this one less than import friendly.


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