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The daily quests of the Kalu'ak


We've completed our first set of Wrath Dailies outlining ways to increase your reputation with the Kalu'ak faction. The three quests that you can do are all available to you when you hit Northrend, and are generally pretty easy to swing through if there's not a lot of other people around.

The best way to complete them all is to begin at one of the starting zones and work your way across Northrend. I usually start off in the Howling Fjord with The Way to His Heart since that's the least heavily farmed, then go Dragonblight for Planning for the Future, and finally end up in the Borean Tundra doing Preparing for the Worst.

The Way to His Heart

In this daily quest you have to mate two squishy sea lions. Have fun, and don't forget that soap you made earlier. And what gets two sea lions to mate better than some yummy gooey raw fish?

Planning for the Future

Trapper Mau'i wants you to go and steal some wolvar babies. His words, not mine. They have a good reason to do this though. They need to keep the wolvar species alive and safe from too much killing. So at least they're ethically justified in their own minds.

Preparing for the Worst

If you haven't been able to make your way to his heart or plan for the future, then you need to prepare for the worst. What better way to prepare for the worst than to gather up extra supplies like it's the year 2000 all over again.

Each of these quests will give you some gold and 500 reputation, making a total day's farming at 1500 rep (1650 if you're a Human).

So get out there and help the Kalu'ak!

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