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Challenges and triumphs in storytelling for Star Wars: The Old Republic

Michael Zenke

The official site for Star Wars: The Old Republic has been updated with a pair of blog posts all about writing and storytelling in BioWare worlds. One is a sort of mission statement; a reiteration of concepts and ideas we heard espoused by folks like Daniel Erickson and Rob Chestney in previously-released interviews. The statement specifically touches on the concept of your class tying you into the gameworld, something heavily hinted at back during the initial announcement and reported here on the site in our Old Republic Unveiled series. It's a dynamic statement, and a pretty heavy gauntlet to throw down for the genre.

That mission statement is accompanied by a post from one of the other Senior Writers on the game, Alex Freed. Freed talks about the specific challenges facing the team as they work their way through content creation on the game, and the steps they've used to overcome those challenges. He walks through their toolkit on the project, the 'signposts' they use to make sure they're writing the right kind of stories, and calls out the thorny problem of making sure their content is 'Star Wars-y' enough. This last is an issue that's constantly plagued the other MMO title in the setting, and it's fascinating to hear him call it out so early in the process. Make sure to check out both pieces if you're at all interested in the writing process behind this ambitious title.

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