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Danamics liquid metal CPU cooler found to be impractical, ineffective, but still impressive

Tim Stevens

Looking for a completely impractical and ridiculously expensive cooling solution for your new i7? Danamics has your number with its LM10 CPU cooler, full of a sodium and potassium mixture (called NaK) that would explode if it came in contact with water (which, remember, is what you're mostly made of), but is perfectly inert inside its little pipes. We're more worried about the pump: a marvel of modern tech that uses a powerful electromagnet to create flow -- not exactly the sort of thing you want next to your RAID array. It all sounds menacing and lovely and would be a nifty conversation starter at your next LAN party, but sadly it simply doesn't perform according to NordicHardware -- it's beaten by $50 heat pipe cooler from Thermalright. At $350 the LM10 seems to be an impressive technological trophy-piece, but unless we can amp up that magnet and spray NaK all over our case during an RIAA raid, we think we'll pass.

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