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May I introduce myself?


Hi y'all! I'm Megan Lavey and I'm one of the new bloggers here at TUAW.

I've been writing off and online in one form or another from the time I could hold a crayon. I've been using a Mac ever since my classmates and I engaged in the first-grade version of smackdown brawls in 1986 over the right to play The Oregon Trail on the two Apple IIs with color monitors while the rest of us were stuck with the gray monitors on the Macintoshes.

My first personal Mac purchase was an iMac G3 in graphite. The latest (and first Mac I ever bought new) was a MacBook, late 2007 Santa Rosa model. I am still on the first generation iPhone and I'm trying to justify the eventual purchase of an Apple TV.

I'm a 28-year-old journalist, involved in both the reporting and design side of the newspaper industry, who has currently gone freelance. Some of you may have read my review and critiquing work for AnimeonDVD (now part of Mania) and Visual Editors. I am a voracious reader, spend my time convincing family and friends that the cult of the Mac is the best thing that will ever happen to them, enjoy candlelight dinn... oops, wrong introduction.

I am excited about being part of the TUAW team and look forward to contributing to the site and hearing from you as well!

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