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Resident Evil 5 demo hits Xbox Live ... in Japan [update]

Update: [From the editor] Ahem, it turns out you can get your hands on the demo outside of Japan. It just takes a little ingenuity. And the right information.

We've tried creating new accounts, we've tried using 48 hour trial cards, we've even tried buying subscriptions with our credit cards. We've tried it all and unfortunately we're no closer to playing Resident Evil 5. Yes, Famitsu was right and Major Nelson confirms, a demo for the highly anticipated survival horror game Resident Evil 5 (or BioHazard 5 as it's called in Japan) is available for Xbox Live Gold members on the Japanese marketplace and no amount of scamming the system appears to work. Unfortunately, updates regarding a North American release of the demo are unavailable and it's unclear if the Japanese demo will eventually be made available to Silver users. Or people trying to scam the system.

Resident Evil 5
is scheduled to release on March 13, 2009. Patience, kids. It's almost here.

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