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Rumor: Next Metal Gear an Xbox release [update]

Dustin Burg

Update: Our fanboyism clouded our thoughts, this rumor is FALSE.

What do you get when you mix an official Metal Gear website with neon green color and a power button that looks similar to the Xbox 360's ring of light? That's correct, a rumor that the next Metal Gear game will be releasing on the Xbox 360!

Over on the official Japanese Konami website, there's a webpage that is nothing more than the image you see above with text that reads "A Next Metal Gear Is ...". Nothing special, except for the fact that this lil' teaser site is done in "signature" Xbox 360 green and that the weird exclamation point math problem includes a picture of a power button that could be seen as similar to the 360's ring of light. Of course, Konami is keeping quiet to what the website is all about, but we'll give some advice anyway: Don't get your hopes up.

[Thanks, to everyone that sent this in]

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