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Storm Peaks daily quests reward a polar bear mount

Alex Ziebart

The other day, we talked about the Sons of Hodir and how to start gaining reputation with them. Rep gains are great and all, but there's actually another bonus you can start working on thanks to this quest chain: A Polar Bear mount! At one point during the Sons of Hodir chain, you're turned into one of the Hyldnir, the frost vrykul ladies that populate the Storm Peaks. While only a few of their quests are essential to moving the story ahead, they have other one-shot quests you have available if you so choose.

Completing these quests opens up a daily quest you can do when you return to Brunnhildar Village, though you don't get to do all of them every day. It seems only one or two of them are available per day, and which ones you get is random, like the Cooking daily quests. If they don't seem to be offering you a quest at all one day, you probably haven't unlocked the one that happens to be that day's quest. The following are the four quests you need to do first:

And the daily quests they unlock:
Completing these daily quests rewards you with the most fickle item in the world: Hyldnir Spoils. Along with a few gold, you can either get a little bit of food/water, some snowballs, or you can get a super awesome mount (with a 1% droprate). Hmm, do I hope for the super worthless reward, or the super awesome one? Oh boy, I hope I get the food!

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