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TapTapTap creates 10,000 iPhone apps mosaic


This is awesome. TapTapTap, in order to celebrate over 10,000 apps in the App Store, has created a mosaic of (what else?) an iPhone loaded up with apps -- out of the icons of App Store apps. It's crazy. You can see the entire thing full scale over on Flickr, and World of Apple is selling a poster of the image for $50 if you want to jump right over all the trouble of printing it out yourself..

There are quite a few Apps I don't recognize in there, but I did notice the WebMD app, the Warcraft Characters app, Pyrus, NetNewsWire, and a few others I've got installed on my own iPhone. Very cool idea, and very neat way to show off just how many thousands of apps have arrived in the App Store already.

Thanks, Alex!

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