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The Daily Grind: What do you think of daily quests?

One of the mechanics added to World of Warcraft in Burning Crusade is the presence of repeatable daily quests. Before Wrath of the Lich King came out, many players at endgame made a great deal of gold that way. However, now that players are earning experience again, it's more of a faction or achievement grind, and less of a money-earner than before. (The mechanic being that if you are not earning experience, you get an amount of extra gold to off-set the "lost" xp.) Some players absolutely love dailies, in that they're a nice easy way to make a few gold, get a bit of extra experience, and some reputation. Other players absolutely abhor them, citing repetitive daily quests as being representative of all that's wrong with many MMOs - people doing the same thing over and over and over and being okay with that.

This morning, as we hunt down our fourth Crystalsong Carrot, we thought we'd ask you - what's your opinion of daily repeatable quests? Do you prefer it as a form of experience or faction grinding? Do you think they're too boring? Should more games employ them, or should they be removed altogether?

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