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Video: LOTR Conquest shows its evil side


At this point, we've all taken a few steps in Frodo's shoes. We know what it's like to swing a sword as Aragorn. We've even laid waste to hordes of orcs with Gandalf's mighty magic. Now, thanks to Lord of the Rings: Conquest from Pandemic (creators of Star Wars: Battlefront), we can finally give in to our more evil inclinations. The latest trailer for conquest shows off plenty of evil creatures doing what they do best. From Orcs to Balrogs to Fell Beasts to Lord Sauron himself, it's a veritable buffet of malificence. We particularly like the scene in which an orc takes down an Ent singlehandely. Check out the video above and dream of the day you can do it yourself (which, incidentally, will be in January 2009)

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