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    Audioholics puts Mitsubishi's LT-46149 LCD with iSP to the test

    Steven Kim

    If you're dead set on getting all your video and audio delivered from a single device, you could do worse than Mitsubishi's LT-46149 LCD and its iSP (Integrated Sound Projector) -- at least judging by the Audioholics review of the unit. The 16 beaming speakers across the bottom of the bezel proved more than just a toy and actually could be dialed in to create a real soundfield, albeit lacking in ultimate SPL output and bass. The lack of discrete input codes wasn't really solved by the automatic input selection and the backlighting could have been more even, but those problems faded away when watching movies. Some annoyance was laid at the feet of the 120Hz processing, consistent with other opinions (including our own). Keep in mind the "convenience with good performance" target for this set and hit the link for the full review.

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