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Xbox Live Video Marketplace opening in Japan next year

As evidenced by our weekly sales charts, the Xbox 360 is finally making some (see: any) headway in Japan, strengthened by a recent salvo of Square-Enix releases on the system. As such, Microsoft finally has the customer base to justify exporting a feature that Americans have been enjoying for over two years now -- the Xbox Live Video Marketplace.

According to Famitsu, the Video Marketplace will be landing on Japanese 360s sometime next year, bringing with it a new slew of Japanese films and anime. Simmer down, Naruto-ites -- said content will be region-locked, leaving you to make due with your unsophisticated American programming. Unfortunately, the service's Japanese release date is fairly vague -- is an anticipated quarter too much to ask for a launch window? Come on, Microsoft. Help a ????? out.

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