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Mythic delaying work on Warhammer expansion to improve live game

As the recently released expansion for World of Warcraft clearly displayed with its mind-boggling sales figures, add-ons for MMOs (particularly ones with a large player base) can be lucrative undertakings. Despite this fact, Mythic developer Mark Jacobs recently issued a surprising statement on a Warhammer Online forum thread in which commenters were discussing features they'd like to see in the title's first expansion. According to Jacobs, Mythic won't be developing a WAR expansion until the kinks have been worked out of the core game.

Jacobs explained Mythic's reasoning, stating that they have no interest in "pushing an XPack out the door at the expense of WAR." While this may have come as a disappointment to the posters on the thread in question, we're sure the game's player base is appreciative of Mythic's continuing siege on gameplay snafus.

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