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Age of Conan's Producer announces server mergers postponed

Michael Zenke

We noted just a few days ago that server merges would soon be coming to Funcom's Age of Conan. Producer Craig Morrison spoke up about the company's plans to merge servers in stages, with only two server mergers announced in his first note. After a few days of testing the team apparently made ready to do their first live server merge ... only to find there were issues that hadn't been caught in testing. If they'd gone forward with server merges at that point, Morrison writes in a new letter from this past Friday, player items may have been deleted.

From the sound of things this is a minor issue involving some legacy code that would only show up in a few cases out of a large group of players. Still, the team is being very cautious and wants no hiccups as they move forward with tightening the AoC community. As a result, it sounds as though merges are going to be delayed a bit as the team does further groundwork to resolve these issues. Morrison says to expect merges to be happening well into January at this point, which is when they expect Update 4 to go live as well. Read into the full producer's letter for all the details.

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