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Onechanbara: better-looking Bikini Zombie Slayers for North America


According to a Siliconera interview with D3 Publisher's Oohashi Toshiro, the US release of Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers will be more than the simple addition of campy English dialogue and text. Specifically, "... the graphics are now in higher resolution in comparison to the Japanese version so we were able to implement and present something that is more visually appealing."

We knew (from another Siliconera interview!) that D3 wanted to put new material into the US version, but this is a global change to the existing content. We continue to be absolutely shocked that D3 is putting so much care into the US release of a notoriously lo-fi action game series. Maybe it'll improve upon the series' reputation! Well, as much as one can raise the reputation of a game series about bikini-clad girls getting covered in zombie blood.


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