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Premium LCD HDTV makers slash the deepest on Black Friday

Darren Murph

Despite the mass media crying their hearts out about how dreadful sales would be on Black Friday, things actually turned out pretty good. 'Course, we suspect that had just a wee bit to do with how deep the discounts were on big ticket items, and a new report from iSuppli suggests that the premium brands peeled back the furthest. Yeah, Sony was talking tough about keeping its prices high, but it was still one of the six top-tier brands that slashed LCD prices 23% on average for the Black Friday weekend. Lower-cost manufacturers like Vizio and Westinghouse dropped their prices only 19%, though analysts are expecting the decline in prices to remain steady or fall even more as the end of 2008 draws near. If you've been holding off, there's never a time like the present...

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