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Q Entertainment: Meteos Wars showers XBLA this Wednesday

A peek behind the scenes at Joystiq: every Monday, Microsoft releases the name of this Wednesday's Xbox Live Arcade title. Sometimes, the game's publisher/developer drops that name early and sometimes – by virtue of what we can only imagine is a byzantine tangle of marketing and certification – that information is wrong.

We're not saying Q Entertainment's Xbox Live Arcade release of Meteos Wars isn't coming out on Wednesday – after all, the website right here assures us that it is – but we are saying this: It's not official until Microsoft says so. (The more astute amongst you may recall that Q told us back in August to expect the block puzzler in October and look where that got us.)

If the stars align, expect Meteos Wars to cleave the heavens this Wednesday for 800 (that's $10 Earth bucks).

[Update: Microsoft has officially announced Meteos Wars as part of this week's XBLA release lineup.]

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