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Sony: Home launch 'imminent,' will arrive this month in the US


Amid rumors of a December launch for PlayStation Home, SCEA has confirmed to Joystiq that the social platform's public, open beta phase will arrive before the end of calendar year 2008, as we've been hearing for some time. "We've been saying it will launch by the end of calendar year 2008," PlayStation Home director, Jack Buser, responded when asked about a December release. "And that's getting very, very close," he concluded, laughing.

"Launch is imminent," Buser confirmed – although neither he nor an SCEA rep were willing to divulge an exact day of the month or method of delivery. When asked how, exactly, Home will get onto user's consoles, Buser responded with nothing but a wide grin that gave us the feeling it isn't going to be via a mere firmware update or PlayStation Store download.

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