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Wii Warm Up: Speak up


The Wii Speak Channel is finally out and enabling voice chat between people who didn't feel like buying Animal Crossing. Some of you have probably put it through its paces by now. What's your opinion of the Channel? Does it feel weird to talk at your TV? Are you being spammed with voice messages from your jerk friends?

Is this functionality something that could help justify the cost of the mic? Or is it just another channel that will get deleted for a Space Invaders Get Even mission pack?

Ever since it was revealed back at E3, WiiSpeak has been the talk (both good and bad) of the town. Check out our hands-on time with the device, as well as the details you may have missed on the WiiSpeak Channel. Plan on picking one up? Then you might want to check out Game Night, where you'll surely be able to chat with your fellow Wii lovers in the future.

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