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WoW Insider Show Episode 67: Rating the rep rewards

Mike Schramm

This past week on the WoW Insider Show, we were thrilled to welcome our friend Michael Zenke of -- in addition to his experiences in Wrath so far, we talked with him about a few other MMOs WoW players might be interested in this holiday season. Matthew Rossi was also on, and he brought his terrific insight on Warriors, Death Knights, Shamans, and itemization for pretty much all of the classes in the new expansion. And we welcomed back our old friend Turpster to the show -- you didn't think he'd be gone for long, did you?

It was a good time, so good in fact that we had trouble reeling ourselves in to finish in time. But we hit on all sorts of subjects, including a look at the reputations in Wrath and what their best rewards are (the Oracles' Mysterious Egg is great), and we even got a short chat in about whether there's still a tanking shortage or not (the good news: there mostly isn't). You can follow any or all of the links below to listen to the show in its entirety (and do subscribe in iTunes if you use that -- you'll get the show automatically every week).

We'll be back live next week as usual, 3:30pm Eastern on Ustream. In the meantime, if you have a comment, question, or tip for the show, send it along to, and you might hear us talking about it then. Enjoy this week's podcast!

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