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Dual specs likely to come in next World of Warcraft update

Kyle Horner

Our sister site WoW Insider has some dirt on the upcoming addition of dual specialization in World of Warcraft. This dirt was supplied by a blue (a Blizzard employee) post on the official game forums. The ability to have one character with two sets of talent builds and hotbars has been a hotly desired feature every since Blizzard brought it up back at the last BlizzCon.

It sounds like players can expect flipping between talent builds to be trivial in towns and such, but not nearly so trivial out when out in the wide open world. The blue poster, known as Ghostcrawler, also said that the current goal is to get this new feature in the next big content patch. When will that be? It's anyone's guess, but hopefully it's only a few more months out -- we're starting to get that re-spec itch again.
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