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FFXI for PS3 not just fantasy (but no longer reality)

Ross Miller

Hey, did you hear the one about the giant RPG powerhouse who wanted to put its flagship franchise's MMO on the PlayStation 3 ... but then the Sony representative they were talking to quit? And the company never tried to to resume talks with another rep? Man, that's funny.

... what's that you say, 1UP? That's really what happened to Final Fantasy XI on the PS3? No way, you're pulling our chain, who told you that? FFXI Hiromichi Tanaka? Man, now it's even funnier, but in that sad way. We suspect he's joking, or there's a lot more to this story. Still, it doesn't sound like FFXI will be coming to PS3 anytime soon.

For the FFXI players on PC, Xbox 360 and HDD-equipped PS2 versions, keep an eye out for three new expansions, each coming sometime in 2009.

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