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Get ready for LotRO's Yule Festival

Shawn Schuster

It's that time once again. As the winter holiday season approaches, what could arguably be considered the best time for in-game events is beginning to arrive. In Lord of the Rings Online, this season is called the Yule Festival, celebrated during the last month of the year.

Yule is considered a time of hope for all free peoples of Middle-earth. It is celebrated with traditional decorations, warm cider, rich feasts and more. As with all LotRO festivals, each home land has its own version of Yule, adding to the variety and excitement of the season. Be sure to check out Bree-land and Michel Delving which will once again host some exciting horse races where the winner will take home a sturdy winter mount. The festivities begin on December 11th, so get ready!

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