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Sharp lays out global expansion plans

Darren Murph

With Nokia bidding Japan a fond farewell and the national handset market at large expected to shrink, Sharp is laying out plans to expand elsewhere in Asia in order to keep its profits from hitting undesirably low levels. At a recent press event in Tokyo, Sharp's Masafumi Matsumoto explained that "it is our solid policy to expand our overseas business," noting that it was "aiming for an overwhelmingly large share of about 30% in the Japanese market." Moreover, he proclaimed that it was hoping to "increase overseas unit sales to a level on par with domestic unit sales over time," pointing to nations like China and other "emerging markets." Reportedly, the company is hoping to leverage existing sales channels for its AQUOS TVs in order to move more handsets abroad, and not surprisingly, it'll probably look to low-cost devices for most of the growth. Good luck out there, Sharp -- it's a vicious world.

[Via WMPowerUser]

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