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Sony to shed 16,000 jobs, increase prices in bid to bolster profitability (Updated)


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The bad news from the Japanese consumer electronics industry continues. Sony just announced plans to cut about 8,000 global jobs from its beleaguered electronics business while making unspecified reductions to its seasonal and temporary workforce. The move, as Sony explains it, comes "in response to the sudden and rapid changes in the global economic environment." Ominously, it looks like Sony will also be raising prices (blame Jay) in the countries where "Sony makes significant sales" (read: US and Europe) if we're reading this statement correctly:
"Going forward, Sony intends to adjust product pricing to mitigate the impact of the appreciation of the yen."
Sony is also delaying or at least curtailing some of its investments while planning to "downsize or withdraw from unprofitable or non-core businesses." All these moves are meant to cut operational costs by some $1.1 billion in operational efficiencies before the fiscal year closes on 31 March 2010.

Update: Yup, we were right. According to Reuters, Sony will "raise prices on some electronics products in Europe from the beginning of 2009." Also, Bloomberg reports that 8,000 contract workers from the electronics division will also be shed for a total of 16,000 personnel added to the world's unemployment roster.

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