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Breakfast Topic: Lake Wintergrasp

Alex Ziebart

Yesterday in our guide for Eternal Farming, it was made very clear that Wintergrasp is hands down the best spot for farming Crystallized Whatevers if you don't have Mining or Herbalism. That's not the only thing that's easily farmed there, either. It's packed full of herbs and ore. It's currently the only place in all of Northrend that you can find Frost Lotus nodes. Not just Frost Lotus dropping off of Icethorn or whatever, but actual Frost Lotus nodes.

Now, I'm a PvE kiddie at heart. I'll PvP from time to time, but it's not exactly my favorite thing ever. I usually avoid it. Wintergrasp has totally sucked me in, though. The draw of riches has pulled me into the zone, and when the PvP starts it's legitimately fun. I originally thought it was silly that the best farming spot for everything was a PvP zone, but I've warmed up to it. I'm on a PvE server, but the element of risk and reward has become kind of exhilarating. I still have no interest on playing on a PvP server, however.

If I don't want to PvP, it's a test of how well I can hide while farming successfully. Turns out I can do it pretty well. Hit-and-Run warfare against a Warrior is awesome. Go ahead, intercept me through this pack of elementals. Have fun with that! Oh, and Bladestorm a bit, too. I'll be over here on the other side of them, aggroless, droppin' DoTs.

Then there's the zone-wide PvP, of course. That's sort of the point of Wintergrasp, right? Well, while the zone is still kind of buggy, most of the game-breaking ones are gone. Most of them. The orb in the Keep is actually clickable now, but you still run into things like workshops not turning over to your faction and rendering you unable to get vehicles from certain points and other stuff like that. It's funner than expected overall, though.

Experience may vary from server to server, but on my home server it seems like the zone changes hands often enough. The first week or two of Wrath, it was definitely Alliance-dominated. It didn't seem like that Horde even went there at all, but that's changed since then. It's a knock down, drag out fight and it's awesome. Tenacity really makes a difference, though it could use some tweaks so people farming or idling off in the distant corners of the zone don't have such an impact on the buff, and therefore the battle.

What do you guys think? Zach Yonzon, one our avid PvPers, practically lives there. I'm a PvE player at heart but have found quite a bit of entertainment there. How about all of you? Have you been to Wintergrasp yet? How did you like it? If you can't get there yet, do you plan on going?

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