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Details flow on Netgear's EVA9150 Digital Entertainer Elite

Darren Murph

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We had the bare essentials when we spotted Netgear's Digital Entertainer Elite trying to waltz through the FCC unnoticed, but now we've got the hot, juicy details required to make those things called "purchasing decisions." Wired has it that the media streamer will check in during Q1 2009 at $400, which will buy you a roomy 500GB hard drive, "an updated user interface that allows users to choose content from free sources such as YouTube and Flickr," full 1080p support and the ability to swap out the HDD should the owner choose. The catch, however, is that the box is currently disconnected from most major content providers, and without a link to Netflix (or similar), users will have to either provide their own material or simply surf over to online portals such as Hulu. Four bills is a lot to ask for something in the "been there, done that" bucket -- we'll give it three months before the first substantial price cut.

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