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DS Lite breaks DS Lite's single-week UK sales record


Uh-oh, we've trotted out the "It Prints Money" image. That must mean DS Lite has sold well for the quadrillionth time; and it has. In this case, it beat its own record in the UK for single-week sales, set this time last year.

MCV reports that the DS Lite was the best-selling system for the week of November 29 to December 6, with UK shoppers snapping up more of the handheld than they have any other games machine in a seven-day period ever.

The site quotes GFK-ChartTrack director, Dorian Bloch, as divining, "We can now assume that if there is still some DS Lite stock in the land in the next couple of weeks, the record will go again." Go, DS Lite, go. After all, your status as the darling of hardware sales may only last until summer 2009.

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