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Guildwatch: Now recruiting... everyone

Mike Schramm

Now's a great time to join a guild -- everyone and their cousin Roman is recruiting. Usually, our recruiting section is tiny, but this week, it almost outweighs the Downed section -- there's not a lot of endgame, and a whole lot of people who want some extra help in conquering it. If you've never joined a guild before, and you're nearing level 80, you're in luck.

But don't worry, there's still downed (Naxx is getting beat up), and drama news to read through, too. Click the link below to see it, and if you've got tips about drama, downed, or recruiting news in your guild or realm, let us know at, anonymity assured.


  • War is alive and well on Ysera: About 40 Alliance in a PuG downed all the Horde Leaders Lor'Themar and Sylvannas dropped fast, but Thrall and Cairne took a few doings. They all say they're the first PuG on the server to do it, very impressive never the less. Here's the forum thread with most of the action. Grats, both on the raids and the bears. Ysera Horde, what say you?
  • We hear there's drama between Fools of Fate and Broken Hammer on Kalecgos -- FoF says that BH is a waste of time and should disband, since they're taking their time with raiding and leveling. Our tipster says the attack came without provocation, which might be a little hard to believe, but we also hear that FoF's founder was actually in Broken Hammer and some point. There's more here than meets the eye, we think.
  • Stories of bad players in ParaphenaliA on Boulderfist abound, and when the guildleader, Whitespawn, shows up with a message complaining about how all the players in the forums are such jerks to them, then things really hit the fan -- the guild breaks up, Whitespawn forms Kill or Be Killed, and we hear that Para's leftovers are in Coherence. Great, says our tipster, "now we have to look out for two guilds full of asshats now."
  • Another PvP pug raid: A Stoppable pug on the Bonechewer realm downed all the Alliance city bosses in less than 3 hours the other night. We hear it was an amazing raid and everyone who didn't already have a bear mount got to pick one up. I need to do one of those some day.
  • A guildleader from Sigil of Durotan emailed this week to say that he wants everyone to know the guild isn't entirely full of griefers -- he's laying the blame for what happened (they ninja'd a spawn that other folks were waiting patiently for, if you don't remember) on someone named Silvya, and wants everyone to know that that guy doesn't reflect the rest of the guild's "helpful ethos." Fair enough, but the Armory's down while I write this -- is Silvya still in the guild? Does he deserve a gkick for what he did?
  • Us Vs Them on Tichondrius had some drama in the guild -- Skimo, the founder, has always kept a close eye on the guild, but when he agreed to a merge, things went south. Skimo promoted the old guildleader to the highest rank possible as an officer, which means he jumped up above some of the less powerful officers. We hear it ruffled some feathers, and some other issues in the guild (there haven't been many scheduled dungeon runs lately) are bubbling to the surface.
  • This is pretty classic -- Shiori Tora of Nagrand apparently took some pug folks along with them on a raid, and then when the loot dropped, they just ignored the pugged people and gave the loot to a guildie. And what happened when one of the pug people raised a stink? They offered to pay him off with gold. Pretty crazy. Not quite right to go on a raid with a group of people and then only offer to pay them when you give the loot to a guildie anyway.
  • Brave harts let us know that Eoden of Fenris is a guild bank ninja -- at level 22, he grabbed a bunch of high level loot from their bank. Not cool.
  • tm on Dreadmaul has downed the Arachnid Quarter, Plague Quarter and Patchwerk (the last one 3 seconds into the 1000% enrage!). They also finished off Sapphiron later in the week. Grats!
  • State of Mind on EU Bloodhoof cleared the Arachnid Quarter, Construct Quarter, and the Plague Quarter last week. They didn't play it at all in the beta, but they say their 10 man team was great and they want to do the same with 25. They need healers specifically -- join up if you're ready.
  • Scholomance PTA (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) on Llane-A has cleared out Sartharion, and the Abomination and Spider wings of Naxx. Grats! They're also recruiting to fill out ranks and keep the loot in the guild.
  • Aspirant on Garona cleared the Plague Quarter of Naxx on their very first night there. Way to go.
  • Remnants on Oceanic Dreadmaul finished off all of the 10 man content in the game, and have worked their way up to 25 man Malygos. He's on notice for next time.
  • Restless Natives successfully downed five bosses in 10-man Naxx. on their first run there. Not bad for a casual raiding guild, they say, whose main aim is tight-knit social raiding in new content rather than competitive progression.
  • The Wizards Sleeve are back raiding in the new content -- they've cleared the Arachnid and Construct wings, as well as Noth the Plaguebringer, Heigan and Instructor Rezuvious. They're also recruiting, mainly healers and some ranged DPS to beef up the 25 man team.
  • Omen of EU Emerald Dream have cleared all WotLK raid content up to Malygos, becoming the first Horde guild on the server to do so. That makes them number four overall. Grats!
  • The Edge of Oblivion (Nazgrel) has been rolling through the 70-80 content at their own pace -- some formerly solo players in the guild have found the pleasure of running dungons, and they're headed for Naxx soon. Good to hear that some people are really enjoying group play, no matter what level it's at.
  • Friction is a new guild on the Drenden server. Their first raid was last week, and they cleared the arachnid wing of normal Naxx and are now 3/15.
  • Saviors of Northrend of Shadowmoon picked up their For the Horde achievements recently, with a full 40 man group, despite some server errors and crashes. They are also recruiting players 70+ for some casual endgame raiding.
  • Renegade Order on Durotan downed Anub'Rekhan and Lady Faerlina on normal for the first time last weekend. Grats! They're a small guild, and are really glad to finally see the endgame.
  • Aspirant of Garona downed the Four Horsemen and cleared Military Quarter on 10 man Naxx. Plague Quarter got dropped before that, and Obsidian Sanctum and Archavon 10 mans also met their end at the guild's hands. The Abomination Wing got cleared out later in the week, too.
  • Hallowed on Emerald Dream was on only their third week in Naxx, and finished off Sapphiron. Kel'thuzad is on notice for next time.
  • The Kabal of Hellscream-H took down The Arachnid Quarter, Plague Quarter, Obsidian Sanctum, Patchwerk and Grobbulus in their first 2 days of Wrath raiding. All 10 man, including a 17 minute Heigan kill. Awesome job.
  • Dumb Dirty Dogs on Onyxia-H is looking for more Healers and Caster DPS. They're busting through Heroics and could possibly have two 10 man groups running right now, with 25 mans coming soon. The guild offers a relaxed, not so serious atmosphere; just don't bring drama with you.
  • Conspiracy is a late-night raiding guild on Garona that is looking for two more DPS and several healers. Raids are 3-4 days a week at 8:00 PM PST. Mature adults should visit the website for more info or to apply.
  • Knights Templar on Boulderfist is back recruiting all classes lvl 75 and higher for raiding. The guild will be celebrating its 2 year anniversary in January, and has already downed two wings of Naxxramas. If you live in the Southern United States or can travel its an added bonus so you can join up for RL events: they meet monthly to have BBQ and do some charity work.
  • Pages From the Mages on Stormrage is recruiting higher level (lowbies fine too!) casual players to do some instances throughout the week and possibly some raiding on the weekends. Filled with some alts from some friends and other guildies, they're looking for good tanks and healers but all are welcome to apply.
  • The Darajim Mercenaries on Thorium Brotherhood are recruiting. They're a fairly newly formed guild which intends to be a raiding guild primarily focused on actually enjoying the game instead of just getting x boss down faster than any other guild. Looking for smart people who would be interested in the above goals who should apply on the website.
  • The Dark Within is an Aussie guild on Caelestrasz that is recruiting any healers for their final few 25 man raid positions. They're looking for focused people who know how to have a laugh and play well at the same time. Mid week raids from 7.15pm until 10.30pm AEST.
  • Untouchable on Staghelm is currently recruiting all classes and specs for Raiding. They will be starting Naxx soon, and are a late night raiding guild. Visit the site for an app.
  • Lunar Lights (server?) is a new guild recruiting mature players over the age of 21 for a semi-casual, social guild. They are accepting players of all classes and levels, the philosophy being that this is a long term guild where the entire roster will grow and learn together. If you're looking for a nice mix of experienced and newer players, check them out.
  • Draconic Order on Dragonblight-H is recruiting all classes and specs -- they're looking for healers, tanks, and possibly some DPS as well. They're aiming to stay small (some 10 mans and maybe a 25 man), but they've got the resources of a larger guild, including a bank and vent, etc. They're not hardcore but are looking for progression, so if you're down, join up.
  • Fuel on Cenarius is a newly formed Alliance guild by some past Prosapia members that had disappointments with the leadership, but don't worry too much about the drama: the split was smooth and cordial and most of them are still in good graces with the past guild. They're now recruiting while working up to 80. Seeking members to help form a weekly/daily raiding team, check them out.
  • Exiles of Lordaeron on Kul Tiras-A is recruiting Locks, Shamans, and healers of all classes for the 10 man raids. They are a "casual" group... until raid time. (Take from that what you will). Apply on the website or speak to one of them in game for more info.
  • The Blue Horde Group on the Thorium Brotherhood server is looking for new members. They are a casual guild of 30- and 40- somethings looking for people that like to have fun, help each other, and progress their toons. They are interested in end-game content (10- and 25- man) raids but take it as it comes. Specifically, they are looking for stability and want long term players that aren't looking to gear/level up and then leave for a "raiding" guild.
That's it for GW this week. Until next week, as always, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!

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